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3KB Wellness Culminating Activity Kaayuhan, Kalambuan para sa Kabataang Badjao Wellness Program

A photo opportunity together with the Badjao students, Gothong High teachers, USC volunteers and the Gothong Southern Foundation Team

Finally, the day has come to recognize the Badjao Students of Don Carlos A. Gothong Memorial National High School who have successfully graduated from the Kaayuhan, Kalambuan para sa Kabataang Badjao Wellness Program.

As the students were excited to graduate and receive their certificates so was the Gothong Southern Foundation Team together with the University of San Carlos Psychology Department to start this momentous culminating activity and are truly in for a treat as the program was prepared by the faculty of the school.

A beautiful prayer in the Badjao dialect commenced the culminating activity followed by the opening remarks prepared by the IPED Coordinator Miss Helna Canete. Student representatives for each grade level were then called up to stage one after the other to share their learnings from the 3KB Wellness Program.

The students shared how the 3KB Program opened their minds and changed their way of thinking. The program instilled in them the importance decision making and how every choice an individual makes will always have a corresponding consequence. The program also taught them that whatever it is that they set their mind into and whatever dream it is they want to realize, with perseverance it is achievable. Finally, the program taught them that their cultural background should not be a hindrance of their day to day activities; in fact it is something that they should be most proud of because they are among the few who have chosen to live by their cultural heritage.

The students absolutely drew in the audience with their sharings and in turn some words of encouragement from the organizing team followed afterwards. To break the ice were intermission numbers performed by the students in a form of dance showcasing a modern dance in one segment and their cultural dance in the other, fortunately which some members of the organizing team were able to participate in.

Finally the moment the students have been looking forward to, the graduation proper and the distribution of their certificates. The 38 graduates of the 3KB Program all had smiles on their faces as their names we being called to come up on stage and be recognized. A photo opportunity with all the Badjao students followed as well as the distribution of their appetizing lunch.

This 3KB Program was as fulfilling both to the students who learned so much from the sessions prepared as well as to Gothong Southern Foundation for realizing a vision for the Badjao Students.



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