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Adopted Communities



Barangay Tejero is situated in the city near the coastal area. It is home to the Gothong Southern Shipping's head office as well as the many container yards and other business units. It is vital therefore for Tejero to be part of GSF's adopted barangays. As Mahatma Gandhi said, "If you want to change the world, start with yourself". To improve Tejero is essentially improving Gothong Southern too. 

Some projects already implemented are the provision of means for garbage disposal and the beautification of some areas in the barangay. Next up, we'll be partnering with the barangay in the training of qualified residents to become certified first responders during emergencies with the help of Red Cross Cebu.



Like Tejero, Barangay Carreta is also an important member of the adopted communities. As both barangays are adjacent to each other, Carreta is also Gothong Southern's home. Cultivating both communities simultaneously is challenging but GSF has carefully planned out its annual programs to be able to cater to both.

Initial aid was given through the Brigada Eskwela project last May. upcoming programs are beautification and medical/dental missions.



Barangay Lahug is one of the bustling barangays of Cebu City and is mainly a residential and commercial zone. In fact, the Gothong Southern Properties office and some of its developments are situated in this barangay. Although this barangay does not need much in terms of support for its own benefit, they do have many welfare projects GSF can support. 

We had some projects for Lahug Elementary School, for instance, and we plan to roll out more in the coming months.



As with the case of Barangay Tejero and Barangay Carreta, Lahug and Apas are also neighboring barangays. The Gothong Southern Properties office and its developments are  located in both areas. The profile for both barangays are also the same making our support for both barangays similar as well.

GSF coordinates with the barangay officials on any projects or programs they have and from there, we map out our course of action for the year. 



Barangay Sunog is a mountain barangay located in the Municipality of Balamban, Cebu near, the infamous crash site of former President Magsaysay’s plane, Mount Manunggal. The area is classified as a residential and agricultural area where farming is the source of income for most of the residents. Though the focus of GSF is the advancement of Cambagocboc Elementary School, recently, it has included the barangay. Education is not an exclusive responsibility of the school and its teachers. To be able to effectively diversify the outlook of the young, the whole community must enjoin in the effort.


GSF has started to closely work with the officials of the barangay and started with a tree planting activity. The seedlings planted will not only help restore Mother Nature but will also supplement the barangay's source of income when the trees mature. 



Situated in a mountain barangay, Cambagocboc Elementary school has limited access to resources in providing the students a conducive learning environment. GSF has embarked on a development plan to ensure that the school will transform into a haven of knowledge while supporting the well-being of the students, teachers and parents.



A constant recipient of support from the Gothong family, Gothong High School is undoubtedly a beneficiary of GSF as well. Aside from the regular students, the foundation also gives focus to the students of Badjao origin. Coming from a seemingly mendicancy culture, GSF's aim is to transition the Badjao students' from a dependent mindset to an autonomous mindset. 

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