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Livelihood and Wellness Seminar for Gothong Southern Seafarer's Families

The families of Gothong Southern Shipping's Seafarer's together with the HR Sea team and Gothong Southern Foundation team

Gothong Southern Shipping Lines Inc's HR Sea in partnership with Gothong Southern Foundation Inc held a one day seminar for the families of Gothong Southern Shipping seafarer's  last June 29, Saturday at Hotel Pier Cuatro and was participated by 29 wives and mothers of the seafarers'. This program aims to empower women and recognize the important role of our seafarer’s wives in keeping their family financially and emotionally stable.

The welcoming remarks was lead by Gothong Southern Shipping Lines Inc. Marine Head, Eduardo Gabisan that warmed everybody in the room and prepared the participants for the day's activity which included various talks and workshops that will give them a greater knowledge and understanding on some particular subjects.

The seminar started with a Financial Literacy Course presented by an IMG Financial Educator, Marie Kris Mendoza. Her topic shed some light on Building a Strong Financial Foundation, How Money Works and Growing Wealth. This was an activity that made the families realize the importance of investments.

The next course that the participants embarked, was an Online Selling Course by a Full-Time Online Seller, Roselyn Montes. One of her topics emphasized on choosing a strategy and what works best for her is when she shares her personal experiences while using the product. This talk opened their eyes to the opportunity of making extra income at the comfort of their homes.

Finally, the participants got to enjoy an exciting workshop on Social Graces by Mary Kay representative, Minerva Dorado. This workshop included Behavior during Meetings, Table Etiquette and the awaited Proper Skin Care Product Applications. The participants definitely took pleasure in this hands-on activity.

They say that experience is the best teacher and this experience will surely be remembered and treasured by the mothers, wives and families of our seaferers' as it taught them the value of Financial Literacy, the advantages of Online Selling, and the significance of Social Graces.



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