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Gothong Southern Foundation Donates to the Fire Victims of Sitio Silangan Barangay Tejero

At 4:50 pm on April 26, a fire incident occurred at Sitio Silangan Barangay Tejero destroying 90 homes affecting 313 families.

As an adopted community, Gothong Southern Foundation Inc, reached out to the members of Gothong Southern Group of Companies and arranged for donations in any form to be given to the affected families of the fire. The team was fortunate enough for the abundant donations from the members of the group of companies and together with sacks of rice willfully donated by Gothong Southern Foundation Inc.; we were all set and ready to give out these donations to the victims.

On May 6, Monday afternoon, as volunteers from Gothong Southern Foundation Inc arrived at the gym of Barangay Tejero with sacks load of rice and boxes full of pre-packed donation items; the families swiftly got up on their feet because they knew they were in for another day’s blessing. The team together with Barangay Tejero officials and volunteers, were able to distribute 10 kgs of rice and a bag of used clothes and canned goods to each of the families present.

The afternoon is done and the Foundation team despite the sweat on their faces and dust on their hands could not help but feel joyful with every ‘thank you’; that not only expressed the families’ gratitude for the donations but for the gift of hope; hope that each day is truly a blessing.

Gothong Southern Foundation extends our warm thanks to the employees of the Gothong Southern group of companies for their donations and to the volunteers who helped in the distribution.


ensure fire safety to save life and property "



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