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Dental Mission for the 5,200 Students of Don Carlos A. Gothong Memorial National High School

The Philippine Dental Association-Cebu Chapter Officers and Members, Amor and Garcia Dental Company, The Gothong Family in collaboration with Gothong Southern Foundation Inc. was able to conduct its first ever dental mission for the 5,200 highschool students of Don Carlos A. Gothong Memorial National High School.

This 6-week program was conducted every Wednesday of the week that started last September 4, 2019.

Orientation for the first batch of highchool students

The students were given free toothbrushes and toothpastes and were briefly oriented on how to properly brush their teeth with one of the dentists from Philippine Dental Association. Once done, they proceeded inside the AVR where the dentists were waiting for the dental check-up.

Dental Check-up at the Audio-Visual Room of Don Carlos A. Gothong Memorial National Highschool

With over 25 dentists and interns present week by week the students were very fortunate enough to have their teeth checked by the professionals and were given the necessary medications to ensure that they keep their teeth clean and free from any further damage.

Overall, this 6-week activity was truly a success. The foundation would like to extend our warmest appreciation to the whole team who volunteered and participated in this activity; the Philippine Dental Association, Amor and Garcia Dental Company and most especially the Gothong Family for their utmost support.

Group Photo with the whole team who made this Dental Mission possible



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